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We develop for many industries…

Our software solutions are applicable to almost any industry. If you don't see yours listed, please let us know and we'll explore if we can provide a solution for you.
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Advertising & Marketing

We help businesses use software solutions to promote their products or services to potential customers. Our customized solutions include email marketing software, customer relationship management, social media marketing, and more.
Email Marketing Software
Custom Marketing Research Solutions
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Social Media Management Softwares
Sales Pipelines
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Business Services

We provide customized information technology (IT) solutions for businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large scale enterprises. Our range of services includes internal business solutions such as procurement, shipping, finance, and management, as well as IT services.
Information Technology (IT) infrastructure setup
Inventory Management Softwares
Employee Management Softwares
Sales and Purchase Solutions
Financial Planning Solutions
Shipping and Tracking Solutions
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Financial (Fintech)

We are developing new technologies to enhance and automate the delivery and usage of financial services. Our software solutions will assist companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals in effectively managing their financial operations, processes, and daily lives.
Personal finance app development
Create a fintech solution that assists end-users with managing their personal finances and savings, setting financial goals, and receiving intelligent recommendations to achieve them. Our engineers will guide you on implementing modern machine learning algorithms to turn users' data into valuable insights for improved financial decision-making.

• AI-powered financial assistant apps
• Apps for saving and budgeting
• Spending trackers
Digital identity software solutions
Regulatory compliance is a significant challenge for the fintech industry, but it's an essential aspect of cybersecurity. As an expert finance software development company, we can assist you in creating a flexible solution that can keep up with changing policies while remaining robust enough to mitigate security risks.

• Solutions for KYC/AML compliance
• Identity verification
• Transaction monitoring
• KYB compliance
Banking software development
We are committed to helping you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Our team of experienced engineers draws on decades of technical expertise and the possibilities presented by Open Banking to develop data-driven solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our range of services includes:

• Mobile banking apps
• Process automation
• Chatbots/AI assistants
• ERP solutions
• Fraud detection
• Predictive analytics

Let us help you stay ahead of the competition by streamlining your workflow or fully digitizing your banking experience. Contact us today to get started on a path to success.
Digital payment solutions
We understand that mobile payments, contactless payments, NFC, and virtual POS terminals are all important components of today's digital landscape. Our team of experts can help you implement the latest payment solutions in a secure and compliant manner. With our assistance, you can confidently provide customers with an omnichannel payment experience while ensuring the protection of sensitive user data.

Our services include:

• Development of digital wallet apps
• POS software implementation
• Contactless payment solutions
• Billing software tools
• API development and integration
Intelligent investment tools
Our goal is to develop smart solutions for wealth management that will assist end-users in managing their investment portfolio, assets, and risk. By integrating your product with predictive analytics, AI-based assistants, and deep learning algorithms for portfolio scoring and volatility prediction, you can leverage data to its full potential.

• Tools for managing your investment portfolio
• Development of a stock trading application
• Creating a cryptocurrency exchange
• Investment applications
• Software that detects fraudulent activity
Health monitoring apps


We aim to improve patient care while reducing costs by creating software that simplifies healthcare tasks. Our software will allow users to manage health records, monitor patients, use medical CRM, access mobile apps, and manage medical data.
Health monitoring solutions
Medical CRM
Healthcare mobile apps
Medical data management
Patient care management
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Sports & Fitness

Our team of app development experts is here to help you create a personalized sports or fitness app  that meets your specific needs and objectives. Whether you need an app to track your fitness progress, monitor your sports performance, or seek a custom solution for your sports or fitness business, we are a reliable technology partner committed to ensuring your success.
Wearable apps development
Our team provides reliable solutions for developing wearable apps that enhance the digital fitness experience across a range of devices. We specialize in creating sports apps for major wearable platforms, including Android Wear, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Fitbit, Garmin, and more. Our app offerings include:

• Wristband app
• Eyewear app
• Android Fitness App/Apple Watch app
• Android/iOS VR app
Fitness mobile apps
Our team of sports software developers has the expertise to build custom fitness apps that are both robust and intuitive. We specialize in developing fitness apps for a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Additionally, we offer a variety of features and services including:

• Custom sports app development
• Integration with existing systems
• User management and security
• Data storage and backup
Sports apps UI/UX design
We can assist you in creating wireframes, interactive prototypes, and delivering excellent UI/UX design for a fitness app from scratch.

Alternatively, we can redesign your existing sports app.

Our team of designers will perform an audit to provide you with new ideas on how your fitness app can be improved. We will suggest features or interface changes that can make it more user-friendly and easier to use.
Coaching apps
We offer custom-tailored application development services to enhance your coaching business.

Our apps can assist with client management, training program creation, and progress tracking.

Our online coaching app development services allow businesses to better manage clients, customize training programs, and provide personalized coaching experiences.
Sports streaming apps
At our company, we have extensive experience in developing top-notch sports software solutions.

Whether you require an application for live sports streaming, on-demand content, or both, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

We can even seamlessly integrate your app with well-known sports streaming platforms like ESPN, NBC Sports, and others.
Sports event booking apps
Our team of experienced developers is knowledgeable about the latest technologies and trends.

We create custom booking apps that are sleek, user-friendly, and packed with features.

Our sports event booking apps are designed to simplify the booking process for both users and event organizers.
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Education (EdTech)

Building various types of online learning tools and platforms, including eLearning portals, Learning Management Systems, virtual classrooms, corporate training, mobile learning, VR/AR solutions, educational apps, electronic books and readers, chats with tasks, and conference video applications etc.
Online Learning Apps
Applications that allow students to access educational content and resources from anywhere with an internet connection. These apps can include interactive exercises, multimedia content, and assessments to help students learn and retain information. They can also be used to supplement traditional classroom instruction, allowing students to work at their own pace and review material as needed.
eLearning Platforms & Portals
Our team of experts is here to help you create a custom learning portal that meets your company's specific learning goals and streamlines the training process. Our tailored portals are rich in features, flexible, and efficient, delivering a deeply personalized learning experience.

• Administration of learning materials
• Content recommendation
• Students assessment
• Rich analytics
• Reporting dashboards
• Gamification
• Communication and social learning (chats, forums. communities, likes, shares, and comments)
• Payments
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
At our company, we provide custom LMS software development services that are designed to meet your specific business goals and needs. Our learning development services make it possible to create a user-friendly LMS app that can handle projects of any size and complexity. We are dedicated to providing you with a high-quality product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Features of our LMS app include:

• Scheduling of training sessions
• Centralized content library
• Assessment tools
• Gamification capabilities
• Communication options such as live video, instant messaging, file sharing, or VolP calls
• Automated alerts and notifications
• Comprehensive analytics
• Remote-ready architecture
Learning Record Store (LRS)
Our LRS software is designed to provide highly optimized and intelligent data storage, utilizing robust technology and our deep expertise. This allows for the analysis of all information flows, which can then be distributed to different storage cells in the form of flexible graphs, reports, and diagrams. These analytics and reporting features enhance learning and facilitate decision-making for organizations.

Our software includes the following features:

• Flexible reporting and data tracking
• Data collection
• Performance reporting
• User activity dashboards
• Rich analytics
• Learning progress tracking
• Class management
• Administration
Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
Managing educational content has become easier as all data is now consolidated in one digital location. Our team has developed a robust knowledge management platform that provides single access to your organization's knowledge base. Our KMS allows you to effortlessly create, publish, store, and structure necessary information in the form of articles, FAQs, or step-by-step guides.

• Content management (creation, storage, and editing)
• Cross-device accessibility
• Multi-language support
• Third-party integrations
• Learning content analytics
• Collaborative authoring
• Content repositories
Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)
We possess a deep understanding of constructing tailored LXP that is aligned with the unique requirements of your organization, the preferences of your users, and the learning history of your employees. Our software developers for learning create centralized digital systems that enable your company to consolidate various learning resources in a single location to increase the efficiency and speed of the training process.

• Intuitive interfaces that are highly user-friendly
• Customized learning experiences that cater to individual needs
• Broad integration capabilities that allow for seamless implementation with other systems
• Video streaming solutions for learning
• Contextualized learning in the workplace that is relevant to the job at hand
• Multimedia library that offers a wide range of learning resources
Virtual classrooms
We develop high-quality video conferencing software for hosting real-time online classes remotely. Our team of learning software developers is ready to help you create learning environments that enable teachers and students to deliver exceptional learning experiences without compromising education quality.

• Audio and video conferencing
• Virtual classrooms
• Tools for teachers
• Broadcast video lessons
• Screen sharing
• Document sharing
• Live messaging chat
• Interactive digital whiteboards
Corporate Training
Mobile Learning
Our Learning app development services provide the ability to create iOS and Android apps with advanced features that differentiate your product from the competition. Our m-learning apps are designed to meet the unique needs of your audience, address user pain points, improve business performance, and increase brand recognition.

• Student management
• Video functionality
• Course offerings
• Administrative dashboard
• Gaming programs
• Payment processing
• Streamlined user experience
VR/AR Solutions
Educational applications
Electronic books and readers
Chats with tasks
Conference video application
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Travel & Hospitality

We specialize in creating software solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. Our services include the development of hotel websites and booking systems, mobile app development, CRM and property management systems, API integration, and design services.
Hotel website development
At our company, our team of specialists creates hospitality software solutions that are not only visually stunning but also high-performing. Our goal is to help grow your business, expand your customer database, and meet the needs of modern users. Our custom travel software development services include managing booking statuses, handling cancellations and refunds, generating automated invoices, and integrating third-party services, among others.
Travel mobile app development
Hotel booking website development
Travel agency software
CRM systems for hotels
Property management systems
Travel API integration
Design for travel and hospitality software
Support and maintenance
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Real Estate

We specialize in developing software solutions for the real estate industry, covering a range of services from administration, management, and finance to revenue, energy, procurement, reputation management, fraud control, and labor management.

Our expertise also extends to creating top-notch guest experience services such as front-office, booking, housekeeping, concierge, and F&B management.
Admin | Management | Finance Services
• Revenue Management
• Finance Management
• Energy Management
• Business Intelligence
• Procurement Management
• Reputation Management
• Fraud Control Management
• Labor Management
Guests experience services
• Front-Office Management
• Booking Management
• Housekeeping Management
• Concierge Management
• F&B Management
A warehouse center


We specialize in creating software solutions for the eCommerce industry. Our range of services includes developing online stores from scratch, redesigning existing online stores, creating personal areas for both B2C and B2B clients, developing chat-bots, automating parcel sending and tracking, integrating CRM with payment and logistic systems, and integrating WMS.
Online stores development from scratch
Existing online stores redesign
Development of personal areas for B2C and B2B clients
Chat bots development with user interaction automatisation
Services for parcels sending and tracking automation
CRM integration with payment systems, logistic companies for your site
WMS (Warehouse Management System) integration
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We specialize in creating software solutions, including digital tools and innovations, designed to help retailers manage and optimize their operations. Some examples of retail technology we provide include augmented reality, simplified checkout systems, and inventory management tools.
Solutions for Augmented Reality (AR)
POS (Point of Sale) Systems
Inventory Management Solutions
Sales and Purchase Solutions
Information Technology (IT) Solutions
Employee Management Solutions
Immersive shopping
Omnichannel strategy
Demand forecasting
Reduction of costs
Data-driven decisions
Distributed ecosystems
Supply chain management
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Building software solutions such as different categories of websites, including social networks, aggregators, and online auction sites etc.
Social Networks
Online Auction
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We understand your requirements…

With our expertise in a diverse range of technologies, we are confident in providing the best solution to meet your needs.
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Your idea to delivery…

We will help you turn your idea into a successful business by guiding it through the product lifecycle, from conception to delivery. Our process is straightforward and effective.
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Planning and Research

During the planning phase, we identify business goals, create a roadmap, determine the strategy, and schedule the project.
In the research phase, we generate ideas and concepts, select a development methodology, choose a team, conduct an audit, develop a user journey, plan feature development, and prepare a timeline.
In short, we make sure that we understand your idea and requirements before proceeding to the design and development phase.

Design & Development

During the UI/UX design phase, we create prototypes and design the user flow to meet the needs of end-users. We also manage complex data and facilitate workflows.
In the development phase, we deliver software based on the requirements we gather from our clients and ensure transparency throughout the process.

Testing & Deployment

During the testing phase, we conduct quality assurance testing and prepare the final version of the product for release.

Support & Maintenance

After the product is released, we continue to test and improve it based on feedback from real users, as well as changes in software performance and requirements.

You are in right hands…

Our team of experts has the know-how to bring your project to fruition. Here’s who will be working on your project
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Project Managers

They will oversee the entire project and keep you informed throughout.

Developers (Frontend & Backend)

Experienced developers will handle the logic or programming part of the project.

Designers (Web & Mobile)

Experienced designers will bring your ideas to life and ensure that it looks great on every device.

Team Leads

Leaders that can guide a team to handle complex parts of the project.

DevOps Engineers

Experienced engineers that implement best practices for development and operations for the project.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Experienced testers and quality assurance engineers to ensure the product is bug-free.

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